Our world is truly interesting.

We see all kind of people doing many things.  What is this all about?

We are all seeking to find out.  Have you found your place in all this?  This is the journey.  Have some fun in it.  Do your best not to hurt others  and do all we can to help.  As we learn to help others then we will begin to achieve the goal.

There are many cliches that have been said and many people in life do their best to follow those cliches.

” If you don’t pay Attention, he will collect and charge interest.”

This one is one that takes a while to sink in.

I am just rambling at the moment.


God is Good.  He is unchanging.  He wants to kill us so that He can give us life.  He does have a plan and it is one that will truely satisfy us as we were made to do it and thus it fills that hole in our being that can only be filled by God.