Jordon B Peterson’s book 12 Rules for life. An antidote to chaos.

I’m going to be giving the shortened version of this book the first Monday in December at my Book Club. I’m not sure these people around here are all about personal responsibility but I’m hoping to move some minds in that direction.  I know it’s hard for some not to be a victim in this society when every time you turn around there’s some stupid elite telling them that they are. If they would just take a look at the people speaking and understand that they never saw themselves as victims they’d have to ask themselves how in the hell do these people speak with any kind of knowledge in the first place. They know not what they are talking about. It’s easy to spout words that mean nothing and have no basis in life. They pat themselves on the back for this emotional high they give themselves without the understanding of something so basic. Feed a man a fish every day and he will starve. Teach him how to fish and he’ll never go hungry.  The ones that feed a man a fish every day won’t be there long.

If nothing else teach yourself how to fish. That way you’ve got the bull by it’s horns. It might be a hairy ride but at least you’ve got a chance of holding your head up high and not depending on someone else that won’t always be around.