What is Freedom?

I have seen very few people that even understood what Freedom even means and fewer still that understand its cost.

We all start out free and destined for Kingship of our own Kingdom.   We then make choices as a statesman or a slave to keep our autonomy or give it up.  We choose safety or risk through our alliances and the agreements or contracts that we enter into.

Look at just our Health.  . . .   Our bodies are truly amazing.   (Explain)

Look at our beliefs. . . .

Our Professions. . . .

The information we have access to. . .

Will we choose to be Kings or Slaves?

What does that choice give or take from us?

This journey is our life.



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Keep the Faith!

Each of us has the ability to get full of fear about many things.

The COVID-19, Variants of the same in addition to the leadership and election in question to start.    In these times we must turn to our Savior Jesus Christ who:

Saved us from the Curse

Is Saving us from ourselves.

Will Save us from Death.

Live life today and enjoy all that you do.   If you do not understand then take a moment.   Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into the process and state of Salvation.  He is here to comfort us and teach us all things.    Be not afraid but trust unto death for Jesus has conquered Death and Hell.


What do we want out of Life?

What do you want out of your life?

Fame? . . . Fortune? . . . Satisfaction? . .

I read recently that we are all looking (at least as men) for

1. A job or work to do.

2. A Woman to Love.

3. Something to be transcendent about.

We are looking for something to fill our time and provide for our needs
and those of our family.

We find all these things when we start to Trust in the one that Created us
and who paid the price for our failings with his own life.


Our world is truly interesting.

We see all kind of people doing many things.  What is this all about?

We are all seeking to find out.  Have you found your place in all this?  This is the journey.  Have some fun in it.  Do your best not to hurt others  and do all we can to help.  As we learn to help others then we will begin to achieve the goal.

There are many cliches that have been said and many people in life do their best to follow those cliches.

” If you don’t pay Attention, he will collect and charge interest.”

This one is one that takes a while to sink in.

I am just rambling at the moment.


God is Good.  He is unchanging.  He wants to kill us so that He can give us life.  He does have a plan and it is one that will truely satisfy us as we were made to do it and thus it fills that hole in our being that can only be filled by God.